The 30-Day
Behavior Change Solution

Harness the power of neuroscience to tackle change.
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Change is difficult.
Learn how to make it easier. 

As humans, we are naturally resistant to change. But everyone has the power to take control. In just 10 minutes a day, unlock the potential for transformation through the science and best practices of behavior change .
  • Each module includes custom videos, fresh inspiration, opportunities for self-reflection, and personal challenges to put the content in action.
  • No time to start now? Want to take it again and again? No problem. Get 12 months of unlimited access at no extra charge.
  • Take it at your own pace! This self-guided program is flexible to fit any schedule. 
  • Gain instant access to the Revitalize Project Community to ask questions and engage with others.

Kickstart effective change

In just 30 days, course graduates will be


Understanding the foundations of neuroscience and behavior change to start an effective change journey.


Knowing and trusting the power within oneself to make changes in any area of life that matters.


Equipped with strategies and tools to implement desired change and solve problems as challenges arise. 

What makes behavior change so difficult?

Changing behaviors, even when they will result in positive outcomes, is difficult. Our inclination as humans is to skip to the end and try to change a behavior we don’t like, but for sustainable behavior change to occur, we must address the factors that impact a behavior in the brain. Some of these factors include:
  • Living in "survival-mode"
  • Ability to self-regulate
  • The "Knowing-Doing Gap"
  • Managing sensory inputs
  • Facing external change
  • Dealing with perceived threats
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Purpose and Motivation
  • Emotional Agility
Whether a behavior change is in communication, leadership, wellness, safety, or diversity/inclusion, if the factors that influence behaviors in the brain do not change, all the information that exists will not create change. By utilizing tools grounded in science, we can save time, money, effort, frustration, and heartache, and confidently implement change.

Why you'll love The 30-Day Behavior Change Solution

Flexible Use

Complement existing programs and initiatives by providing additional information, strategies, and tools for individuals making change at any level: organizational, departmental, functional, group/team, and individual employees. 

Inclusive & Adaptive

Leverage the program for wellness months and challenges to make them more inclusive, fair, and meaningful to each individual. Allow individuals to select a behavior to address that is relevant and meaningful to them, supporting autonomy and self-efficacy!

Hassle-Free Training

No minimum purchase. No schedule juggling. Just solutions. This fully online, asynchronous program makes it easy for teams of any size, distance, and schedule to engage in affordable and effective training how and when it works for them.

More Than Meets The Eye

Many of the strategies and tools embedded within this program also enhance resilience and wellbeing, which are proven to boost employee performance, engagement, and retention.
Don't just take our word for it - get a free sneak peek!

More than $7,500 of content and tools at your fingertips

Tried-and-true content used by corporate groups worldwide

Made available to use on your terms - no package required.

Invest in your TEAM

With tiered pricing starting at


per person:

  • Over an hour of video content presented by behavior change expert, Dr. Raquel Garzon. 
  • Bonus: Daily reflection prompts to deepen the connection of the content with the inner self in a relevant and meaningful way.
  • Bonus: 30 unique challenges to accelerate the change journey. 
  • Unlimited access to the program content for 1 month 12 months! Use the program again and again to address new behaviors for a whole year.
  • Flexible, asynchronous programming to fit teams of any size and distance.
  • Private group discussion boards and access to the entire Revitalize Project Community.
  • Individual Certificates of Completion for a five-credit-hour course.
  • Options to add-on user management, advanced analytics, and discussion moderation.

Price breaks starting at 100 participants.
Enterprise solutions available.


Get off the hamster wheel!

We get it. There are reasons to hesitate. Change is hard! It's much easier to continue doing the same old thing.

But there are so many more reasons why you SHOULDN'T wait.

  • You can improve employee engagement. Globally, only 23% of employees report "thriving" at work (Gallup, 2023). Investing in the personal and professional growth of employees leads to higher retention and attracts new talent.
  • You can empower your team. Individuals with the confidence to engage in the behavior change of their choosing will feel more fulfilled, motivated, and secure in and out of the workplace.
  • You need more than a surface-level solution. Keynotes and one-off sessions just aren't enough. This is a comprehensive course designed for lasting impact.
  • You need flexible training for your employees. Everyone wants and needs more options for how they live and work. The companies that stick to old routines will fall behind.
  • You can't afford the cost of waiting. A 2022 C-Suite study by Deloitte found that 57% of employees are considering quitting to find an employer that better supports their well-being. And it can cost more than 2x an employee's salary to find their replacement. 
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Meet the Creator

As the president and founder of Revitalize Project, Dr. Raquel Garzon is committed to helping every individual thrive. As a speaker, author, and constructive disruptor, Raquel has spent the last 20+ years transforming lives using her expertise in the neuroscience of health, wellbeing, performance, and leadership. She has worked with thousands of high performers in the areas of business and sports in over 25 countries, and presented to executive audiences from 40 of the top Fortune 100 companies as well as to 12 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.  

Frequently asked questions


How much time does it take to complete each day?

Each day's activities can be completed in 10 minutes or less. However, the more you invest into the content, the more you get out of it. Some individuals may spend as much as 20 minutes on a day's activities.

What are some ways to integrate the program in my organization?

A great way to get started is by integrating The 30-Day Behavior Change Solution with wellbeing awareness months such as:
  • February: Heart Health, Time Management
  • March: Nutrition, Kidney, Colorectal Cancer Awareness
  • April: Alcohol Awareness, IBS Awareness
  • May: Better Sleep, Employee Health and Fitness, High Blood Pressure Awareness, Mental Health, Physical Fitness and Sports
  • June: Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness, Men's Health
  • September: Cholesterol Education, Healthy Aging, Prostate Cancer Awareness, World Alzheimer's
  • October: Breast Cancer Awareness, Chiropractic Health, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
  • November: Alzheimer's Disease Awareness, Diabetes, Family Caregivers, Healthy Skin, Lung Cancer Awareness

Use the behavior change program to support individual change choices like nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, relationships, work-life balance, mental health, and self-care.

How do I (or my team) access the content?

Every registered person will receive an invite to create an account with Revitalize Project Academy where they can access the course and discussion boards. All of the program content is in a convenient course player that progresses users sequentially and bookmarks their place in the journey. Each account will house all programs purchased with the Revitalize Project Academy. 
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